Commercial Addition.

Adding More Living Space to Your Property.

Adding new space to your existing commercial property is a great way to boost the value of your building.

That is why you need to find a reliable contractor that can turn your dream property into a reality.

At DUO Home Solutions, we make it easy for you to find a commercial addition contractor who is licensed and certified. We are committed to making you happy by giving you a property you will love. The expert contractors who have partnered with us can add a much-needed garage, bedroom, or other space you need to your property.

Apply for a non-binding contract with us, and we will connect you to the best commercial addition experts who can meet your needs. All you need to do is compare their services and find one that fits your budget and requirements the most.

Our contractors are experienced and provide attention to detail so that we only have satisfied customers. Our contractors’ reliability, quality workmanship and warranties are just a few reasons why we are one of the fastest-growing renovation matchmaking services in the Netherlands.

We Offer Great
Commercial Addition Ideas.

Confused about where to build the additional living space in your property and what kind of space you need? Our expert consultants can help you decide what kind of extra space you need for your property:

  • Bedroom and Master Suite Addition
  • Bathroom Addition
  • Lounge or Waiting Room Addition
  • Office Addition
  • Children’s Nursery or Playroom Addition
  • Game Room Addition
  • Basement Room Addition
  • Porch Extension
  • Garage Conversion
  • Second Story Addition
  • Media Room Addition
  • Gym Addition

Benefits of Getting a Commercial Addition.

With a commercial addition, you will have a space that offers more practicality and functionality and is suited to your specific needs.

You increase the value of your commercial building as prospective buyers place a high value on the availability of more square footage.

You can transform an unused space in the building into an office or co-work space that you can rent out.

It allows you to scale up easily and allow more room for employees

Create a game room, gym, or entertainment room for your employees

DUO Home Solutions can help match you with the right commercial contractors that can fit the needs of your property. We can help you improve the aesthetics of your building structure and improve the quality and value of your commercial property. We can schedule a clash-free construction, which results in minimal business disruption for you as well as low operational risk management and expenses.

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Are you looking for more space in your property? Whether you are interested in building a bigger office space for your employees or expanding the storefront of your retail business, we can help you find the best property addition contractors for your needs. Our contractors are certified and vetted and offer excellent workmanship and quality results that can enhance your property’s aesthetics, practicality, and value.

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