Commercial Upfits.

A new commercial or office space requires several factors to come together. One of the most important aspects that influences the impression and appeal of your commercial property is commercial upfits. Also known as commercial fit-outs, these involve designing or adding elements to the interior commercial space to make it suitable for use. This involves a range of services, from upgrading the interior to refurbishing the entire space.

Professional Commercial Upfit Solutions by DUO Home Solutions.

At DUO Home Solutions, we understand how crucial it is for business owners to find an experienced contractor that understands the vision for their commercial property. We can connect you with experts in the commercial construction industry who will help you achieve your commercial upfitting objectives in a cost-effective and convenient way.

We pride ourselves on making matches that are perfectly customized to the construction needs of your business. Over the years, we have helped our clients find solutions that have resulted in modern, functional, and beautiful commercial interiors for businesses in all industries.

Types of Commercial
Upfits Services We Offer.

At DUO Home Solutions, we have a unique model of providing our clients with commercial construction services. We connect our clients to a wide range of contractors, including building architects and engineers, interior designers, masons, carpenters, glazers, kitchen and bathroom designers, landscapers, and other experts who will listen to their vision and do their best to turn it into a reality.

Commercial fit-outs services that you can take advantage of include:

  • Raising the floors
  • Adding mechanical, electrical, and IT elements
  • Storefront, office, or conference rooms designing and finishing
  • Installation of signage
  • Internal finishes
  • Window and blinds furnishing
  • Installation of audio/video equipment
  • Installation of furniture and fixtures
  • Changing the reception area
  • Building suspended ceilings
  • Adding special light fixtures
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Installation of stairs and elevators
  • Building emergency exits
  • So much more

Office Upfit

We can connect you to construction experts who specialize in office fit-outs and can help you create a workspace with reliability, quality, and integrity. Our experts are vetted and certified and will handle all phases of the construction process, from permit acquisition to final delivery.

Storefront Upfit

We understand that your storefront is responsible for how your customers view your brand. That is why we can match you with expert storefront contractors who have worked on hundreds of commercial storefront upfit projects and designs so that you can have a store you can be proud of.

Warehouse Upfit

Thanks to the rise in ecommerce and manufacturing, warehouse upfits and construction are growing. At DUO Home Solutions, we will link you to warehouse upfit services for your commercial or industrial facility. Our expert contractors will deliver your warehouse upfit project in a timely way within your budget and make sure your daily operations are not disrupted.

We offer a no-obligation contract for you and will provide you with expert consultation so that you get full-service turnkey solutions for your commercial upfit project.

Ready to Spruce Up Your Commercial Space With an Upfitting?

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