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Duo Home Solutions is a leading full-scale remodeling and renovation service provider in the Netherlands, which has formed strong relationships with the best home design contractors in the industry. We can connect you to a team of interior designers, architects, and engineers to develop unique and innovative projects for your business.

We believe that a beautifully-designed living space is a dream of every homeowner!

Interior and Exterior Design Works .

Interior and exterior design works are complex projects and need the expertise and experience of professionals who specialize in this field. We understand that it can be tough for expats and international homeowners to find reliable, professional designers who can realize their vision and give them the most value for their money.

To combat this challenge, we can match you with some of the best interior and exterior design services in the country that offer efficient teams to work on your remodeling projects.

Our contractors are vetted and certified, and use the latest equipment, technology, and software to get your work done in the best way possible. Homeowners looking for design services will benefit from:

Excellent project management

Professional renovation planning

Design and layout of the project

Architectural plan for interior and exterior design works

Our professionals thrive on attention to detail and will keep on collecting details and data throughout the entire life cycle of the project so that you can have a highly personalized home design.

We will generate 3D designs for every aspect of your exterior and interior design services and will only go ahead once you approve the designs.

Adding Personality
to Your Interior Spaces.

Our certified contractors have decades of experience in designing living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, and other places in your home. We are passionate about using local and foreign to-quality materials to create a design according to your exact requirements.

Our team of designers and architects are perfectionists and are committed to changing the vibe of your home to suit your preference and personality. Our design specialists offer 3D modeling, can adjust a project according to your wishes, and will ensure perfect implementation in all stages. They can handle the most complex interior designs of bungalows, cottages, villas, and other residential apartments.

Design samples created by our vetted contractors are a work of art and will help you turn your interior into a dream space.

Creating Thoughtful Exterior Designs for Homes.

Exterior design services encompass the planning, designing, and building of the facades of your home, as well as the essential outdoor spaces, including your hardscapes and landscapes. We understand that the exterior of your home should be in harmony with the external environment, which is why designing the exterior of your home can be quite a complex process.

Our designers understand that customer requirements are changing, and they are now looking for more sustainable design options with modern decor patterns. That is why they use their sense of art to integrate the exterior design into the natural outdoor spaces. In addition, they strive to harmonize the exterior design with the interior design to create a sense of cohesion and make the whole space appear larger and more functional.

We understand that conscious design is not just based on the quality of the materials but also their functions and how they can be used differently in various cases.

What Our
Customers Say.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Duo Home Solutions to renovate my home. From start to finish, they exceeded all my expectations. The contractor they matched me with was incredibly professional and did an excellent job. My renovation was completed on time and within budget - I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Working with Duo Home Solutions was well worth the money, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable renovation contractor.

- Emily P.

I was matched with Duo Home Solutions for a recent renovation project and I am so pleased with their service. The contractor they assigned to me was extremely skilled and did an outstanding job. I felt like my money was well spent because of the quality of their work and the time they saved me on the project. Highly recommend!

- Robert L.

Working with Duo Home Solutions was a great experience. As an expat, I was worried about finding a reliable and experienced contractor to do the job. But Duo Home Solutions matched me with the perfect person for the job and he did an excellent job! The entire process was stress-free and they saved me time as well as money. I would highly recommend their services if you're looking for a full house renovation!

- Martin D.

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    We help connect you to professional designers and contractors who have extensive experience and are excellent at managing complex designs. Our contractors can create beautiful design samples and give you the results that you have always dreamed of at affordable prices, depending on your needs.

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