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How Can Companies Benefit From Our Product Business Listing?

Create a Business Profile Completely FREE!

Manage Your Profile From Your Custom Dashboard

Add Product Photos, Pricing, and Posts

Make an Excellent First Impression

Add essential info that shows what makes your products so unique, right there from your business profile.

Maximize Your Online Visibility

Want to gain an edge against other renovation companies’ products? Advertise with us to get the top spot on our business listing for a small fee!

Manage Your Business Online

Add essential info that shows what makes your products so unique, right there from your business profile.

Product Business Profile – FAQs.

Want to understand more about how our product business listing works? Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions from our dear customers.

Our product business listing is a free tool that allows businesses selling home renovation products to gain visibility online. By creating a business profile, companies can show off their products, post updates, promos, and discounts online, connect with customers, accept online orders, and so much more.

Companies selling furniture, materials, and products for home renovation can register and create a business profile free of cost on DUO Home Solutions. Our expert consultants will vet your business and once approved, your company profile will be displayed on our product listing and enjoy unlimited visibility.

Yes, anyone can create a business profile and register themselves on DUO Home Solutions. After registering, we will vet your profile and let you know whether it has been approved. From then on, you will become visible to customers and can continue to add products, share discounts, or add other info to your profile.

If you want to appear on top of the business listings as a featured company, call us today to talk to our expert consultants. We will discuss your advertising needs in return for a small advertising fee that will give you the most value for your money.

To learn more about our product business listings, call us today.

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