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Your budget is one of your primary concerns when it comes to residential remodeling. When upgrading or renovating a home, estimating the cost of the project can be difficult. For expats and foreign homeowners, it is doubly challenging as the information out there is confusing, with different sources quoting different numbers. In addition, you may also not have the relevant references to find out an accurate estimate of your home remodeling costs.

At Duo Home Solutions, we can provide you with an accurate and FREE quote for your home remodeling project. We can connect you with an expert contractor who offers the unique and specialized services you need while offering cost-effective services.

Factors to Consider When Estimating Your Remodeling Costs.

Estimating the cost of a remodeling project is difficult due to the several factors involved. Some questions you need to consider if you want to understand remodeling costs are given below:

What type of property do you want to remodel?

What is the size and type of building you want to remodel?

What is the style of building you want to corporate into the building (contemporary, modern, minimalistic, countryside, etc.)?

What are the materials and products you want to use?

What is the cost of the labor?

Does the building have a protected status?

What are the permits and other legal requirements?

These are just some of the concerns that can affect the price of your renovation project.

A Breakdown of the
Remodeling Costs.

Most renovation costs in the Netherlands start from a minimum of 1000€/m. Your construction materials can take anywhere between 6% to 8% of the entire cost, so it is a good idea to buy materials and finishes that are simple and durable but good quality to keep costs in check.

The construction process can take roughly around 42% of the costs, while demolition would take around 6%. The flooring of the building and kitchen remodeling project can take around 13%, and redoing the finishes could take about 12%. Any utilities would take about 14% of the cost.

  • Flooring materials could start from 50 €/m2, depending on the type, quality, and design of the materials.
  • Demolition of the light interior partitions could be 40-80€/m2
  • Paintwork is approximately between 18-20 €/m2
  • Door and window installation could be around 1800-3200€ per item
  • Demolition of the kitchen could cost about €1000
  • Renovation of a 10m2 kitchen would cost about 25,000€ to 38,000€
  • Buying kitchen equipment could cost between 15,000€ to 20,000€
  • Bathroom renovation could cost between 6,000€ to 10,000€

Note: This cost breakdown is a rough estimate of the average costs you can expect when remodeling a house. The exact estimate for your unique project will differ, case by case.

What Our
Customers Say.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Duo Home Solutions to renovate my home. From start to finish, they exceeded all my expectations. The contractor they matched me with was incredibly professional and did an excellent job. My renovation was completed on time and within budget - I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Working with Duo Home Solutions was well worth the money, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable renovation contractor.

- Emily P.

I was matched with Duo Home Solutions for a recent renovation project and I am so pleased with their service. The contractor they assigned to me was extremely skilled and did an outstanding job. I felt like my money was well spent because of the quality of their work and the time they saved me on the project. Highly recommend!

- Robert L.

Working with Duo Home Solutions was a great experience. As an expat, I was worried about finding a reliable and experienced contractor to do the job. But Duo Home Solutions matched me with the perfect person for the job and he did an excellent job! The entire process was stress-free and they saved me time as well as money. I would highly recommend their services if you're looking for a full house renovation!

- Martin D.

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