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At Duo Home Solutions, we want our clients to have a great home and commercial property remodeling and renovation experience, no matter who you select as your contractor. We understand that each client has unique needs and goals, so we want every homeowner to know how to get started, stay informed throughout the renovation process, and make smart decisions.

Our resources section has been designed to do just that!

We Offer a Range of Free Blogs, Guides, Remodeling Cost Estimates, and FAQs for a Seamless Renovation Process.


If you are not involved in the home construction industry, you might not know much about renovation and remodeling work in the Netherlands. This can create a lot of confusion among clients and prevent them from actually getting any work done on their homes.

Our blogs offer in-depth articles and comprehensive information on the renovation and remodeling process in the residential and commercial sectors. Read our FREE blogs written by industry experts to find out about best practices, industry standards, renovation trends, and so much more.

Remodeling Costs

Your budget is a primary concern when it comes to the renovation of your home and business. At Duo Home Solutions, we can provide you with an accurate and FREE estimate of the cost of your remodeling project. We can connect you with an expert contractor who offers the unique and specialized services you need while offering cost-effective services. Talk to our expert contractors and sign the non-binding contract only when the costs meet your criteria.


Want to understand how our home renovation matchmaking service works? Want to find out about our work model or process? Want to understand the basics of home and commercial renovation in the Netherlands?

We offer comprehensive guides on a large range of topics on renovation and remodeling. Take a look at our FREE guides where we walk you through the various processes step-by-step and provide helpful advice and tips on the way.


Many expats and international homeowners and commercial business owners may not be familiar with the renovation and remodeling process in the Netherlands. We bet you have some great questions for us. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

For your convenience, we have created a frequently asked questions page where we have listed down all the common questions and concerns that our clients ask us. Get peace of mind by getting answers to your queries instantly.

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