Terrace and Landscaping.

Bringing a Sustainable Landscaping Experience to Homes.

The importance of creating a sustainable and conscious design for your home is now felt more than ever before. Green spaces are now in high demand and offer attractive surroundings, curb appeal, and increased home value.

Whether you are constructing a private home or a large residential development, we at DUO Home Solutions are here to ensure your terrace and landscaping needs are met. We understand that every residential build benefits from attractive, green, and well-planned surroundings. Creative outdoor living spaces not just help add appeal to your home but also enhance your health and wellbeing.

Conscious Living
Through Green Spaces.

Beautifully-designed terraces and landscapes can add beauty and value to your home. Our vetted and certified outdoor space contractors and landscapers specialize in planning, designing, and building the land around your home so that it becomes a sight to behold.

Our contractors can install or remodel hardscapes as well, including driveways, retaining walls, decks, sleeper walls, stairs, and more, to offer more convenience, ease of access, and aesthetics to your home.

Our contractors also specialize in installing roof terraces that can lend aesthetics, character, and value to your home, allowing family and friends to enjoy the outdoors. In order to get beautifully-designed landscapes and terraces, our contractors only use the best-quality materials, colors, and styles for your outdoor spaces.

Terrace Construction

Do you want to add a bit of greenery and a pop of color to your terrace construction? With DUO Home Solutions, we can help you install a beautiful terrace on your residential building. We offer stunning designs and styles as well as an array of plants and flowers to grow on terraces. We provide renovation as well as maintenance services for your terrace so that it lasts a long time.

Landscaping Construction

At DUO Home Solutions, we create stunning designs by adding perennials, landscaping, hardscaping, water features, walkways, and more, to your outdoor space. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you remain 100% satisfied with your backyard or lawn and give you a full garden design from start to finish.

Services Our Terrace and Landscaping Contractors Offer.

At DUO Home Solutions, we can connect you with a range of specialist landscaping contractors who offer a wide range of services, including:

Masonry and carpentry



Water features

Renovation and installation

Outdoor living and entertainment spaces



We can match you with a team of highly-qualified and skilled craftsmen who use the best materials, technology, methods, and processes to achieve high-quality results, which can make your backyard and terrace dreams a reality.

Get Started with Project Management With DUO Home Solutions!

We have decades of experience in landscaping and terrace construction, and can effectively manage your project from start to finish. Once you fill out our application form, our expert consultant will contact you to get the details of your project. We will then match you with multiple specialist landscapers and contractors. You can compare their pricing and contract features and then select the one that is perfect for your preferences and budget.

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